Monday, July 22, 2013

quick thing on photographs

Post-college acceptance, final exams and month-long European escapade, I have become lazy. I am not so obsessed with documenting every single little moment and sensation as I used to be (which, I suppose, can be considered a good thing – you know, being able to face reality as it is without needing to tweak it in your head first). I don't write so so so much any more. For a while I thought this was nice, this release, but I'm kind of getting over it. I think I might just have been burnt out. Who knows. In any case, this lull in obsessive written documentation has made room for photography. I have been especially inspired by artists who, in their style and sensibility, seem to relish the easiness and truth of moments. Photographs lacking in excessive manipulation and staging that instead document things as they are appeal to me much more lately. I guess it's kind of a lo-fi thing, but it's also just about photographs being honest and very grounded in their moments of origin. It also doesn't hurt that a lot of these photographers have a kind of Eggleston-y approach to color and, though the photographs all feel spontaneous and authentic, they also have a backbone based on color that dictates the forms of the rest of the image that makes them more compelling. 

Chad Moore

Marcelo Krasilcic

Olivia Bee

Coco Young

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  1. i feel completely languid in terms of my creative output also. i really love these pictures though, makes me want to start photographing again.